Police Department
(607) 569-3703
Emergency: Call 911

Officer in Charge
Sergeant Ryan Sincerbox
Officer Joe Stremel

Police Commissioner
Stella Pulver
Deputy Police Commissioner
David Luppino

Public Works Department
(607) 569-3704

DPW Superintendent
Ray Hawley
Water Treatment Plant Operator
Chris McConnell

Street Commissioner
Anne C. Green
Deputy Street Commissioner
Barbra (Bee) Keck

Water Commissioner
David Luppino
Deputy Water Commissioner
Anne C. Green

Fire Department
(607) 569-2167
Emergency: Call 911

Fire Chief
Bill Fries, Jr.
Fire Commissioner
Dennis LaMarche

Fire Commission Members
Terry Bretherton
Ed Stull
Michael Day
Donald Howard

Zoning & Building Department
(607) 569-3743

Zoning Codes Officer and Code Enforcement Officer
Mike Slowinski
(607) 569-3743, Ext. 5
Monday-Friday, by appointment

(607) 569-3700

Watershed Inspector
Please call the Village Office for information
(607) 569-3700

Planning Board
(607) 569-3700

Planning Board Chairman
David Oliver

Planning Board Members
Lewis Hall
Bob Kleckner
David Kosan
Mike Hicks
Alternate-Beth King

Zoning Board of Appeals
(607) 569-3700

Zoning Board Chairman
Tim Atwood

Zoning Board Members
Linda Carl
John Hoch
Robert Mathewson
Deb Robbins

Assessors Officer
(607) 569-3743

David Oliver

Parks & Recreation
(607) 569-3700

Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Barbara (Bee) Keck
Deputy Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Stella Pulver

Records Management Officer
Tammie Nelson

Health Officer
Curtis Cranmer

Terry Bretherton

Dog Control Officer
Diane Davis
(607) 769-1764