Police Department
(607) 569-3703
Emergency: Call 911

Officers in Charge
Chief Jason Dininny
Officer Chad Mullen
Officer Joe Stremel
Lieutenant Richard Swan

Police Commissioner
Stella Pulver

Deputy Police Commissioner
Leah Butler

Public Works Department
(607) 569-3704 office

DPW Supervisor
Chris McConnell
(607) 968-5652 cell

DPW Commissioner (Water/Street)
John Hoch

Deputy Water Commissioner (Water/Street)
Robert Kleckner

Fire Department
(607) 569-2167
Emergency: Call 911

Fire Chief
Bill Fries, Jr.

Fire Commissioners
Terry Bretherton-Chairperson
Donny Howard
Emery Cummings
Dennis LaMarche
Alan Carpenter

Zoning & Building Department
Chuck Cagle
(607) 542-2175

Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer
Chuck Cagle
(607) 542-2175

Watershed Inspector
Mike Hicks
(607) 368-8063
(607) 569-3700

Planning Board
(607) 569-3700

Planning Board Chairman
David Oliver

Planning Board Members
David Kosan
Mike Hicks
Lewis Hall
Dave Durepo
Alternate:  MaryJane Bray

Zoning Board of Appeals
(607) 569-3700

Zoning Board Chairman
Brad Tavel

Zoning Board Members
Linda Carl
Michael Dillon
Tim Atwood
Deborah Lynch

Assessors Officer
(607) 569-3743

David Oliver

Parks & Recreation
(607) 569-3700

Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Leah Butler

Deputy Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Stella Pulver

Records Management Officer
Christina Watson

Health Officer – TBD

Historian – TBD

Dog Control Officer
Diane Davis
(607) 769-1764