Village Codes

Village Zoning Laws

“To encourage the most appropriate use of land in the community in order to conserve and enhance the value of property and quality of life”.

Electrical and Code Enforcement Officer
Mark Stonier – (607) 569-3700

Planning Board Chairman
Dave Oliver – (607) 569-3700

Board of Appeals Chairman
Tim Atwood – (607) 569-3700

The Village Code:
The Complete Village Code

What to Expect:
About to start a project?
Detailed explanation of the Zoning and Planning processes

Frequently Used Subsections:
Density Chart
Site Plan Review
Sign Regulations
Docks & Moorings
Property Maintenance

Commonly Used Applications:
Master Application
Concept/Site Plan Review
Special Use Permit Application
Area Variance
Parade Permit Application
Park Use Permit
Banner Permit